Friday 2 December 2011

First hints at new stories coming in Star Trek ongoing

Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Star Trek ongoing writer Mike Johnson. He talks about the differences between the original TOS and his new versions of episodes, and how the artists have had to come up with new rooms on the Enterprise not seen in the movie. He also talks about what's coming up in the series, and it's not just reimagining episodes:
It starts similar to the scope of the original series and gets bigger as we go. Think of the old "butterfly and the hurricane" analogy. Things start off relatively similar to how they did in the Gary Mitchell story, only to evolve in scope to the point that we get to the first big, original comic story, post-movie, which involves the Vulcan response to the apparent Romulan responsibility for the Vulcan homeworld's destruction.
Now that's more like it! He also talks about how the series might work around the next movie:
The great thing about working with Bob and being privy to the development of the next movie is that we can really tie everything together in the same way we did with the "Countdown" prequel miniseries for the last movie. Plans are in the works for a similar prequel to the next movie. If we're lucky enough to continue the comic series after the next movie, we would definitely want to show the effects of the film on the crew in the comics.
And in the near term, a bit about the Galileo Seven story (part one of which came out this week):
"Star Trek" #3 and #4 are based on "The Galileo 7," which is a dramatic look at how Spock deals with the responsibilities of command, with the added twist that in this new timeline he was technically captain of the Enterprise for a short time as seen in the movie. We'll explore how he feels about adjusting to the role of XO.

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