Wednesday 24 August 2011

New Trek T's has been good enough to point out Mighty Fine's latest batch of Star Trek T-shirts, characters designed by Arty Perez in the style of Patrick Nagel. They also have an interview up with Perez about the designs, here.


Far cooler I feel though, are these two T-shirts form Hot Topic, CROOOM, and SHWAM SHWAM, with comic book style Trek-art (are they from actual Trek comics, can anyone identify the panels?):


UPDATE: One of my readers has indeed identified the art; they are from the third issues of DC's first and second TOS series, here are the original pages:

Seeing that it's rather evident that they had to modify the shwam art; replacing the Enterprise's nacelles completely with a new design, and extending the Bird-of-Prey's wing (though not editing out the starscape or original position of the cannon oddly).


  1. yes they are from comics, 8of5. First t-shirt is from DC comics vol 1 issue 3. and second is from DC Comics vol 2 issue 3.

  2. Awesome, thanks Anonymous!