Friday 22 July 2011

Toys and models news

Several new Trek products have been announced in the last few days:

DST have announced the latest editions to their retro figure collection, shifting from TOS to TNG with Picard and a Borg:

QMx have announced a new original movie era USS Enterprise refit model, targeting the higher end of the market with an edition of just 250, coming in at nearly $5000 each! For that you get a 1:350 scale replica of the ship, complete with all sorts of lighting, fancy paint work and even some tiny interiors, like the shuttlebay and crew longue. QMx are also offering a bespoke customisation service, with the option to add suggestions in a comment box when ordering, which a concierge working with the customer to refine the customisation. Here are a few pictures; there are many more on QMx's website:

Meanwhile back with DST; reports they have been showing off a Japanese import, a model of the USS Enterprise-D by Aoshima, which they're offering for about $170. The model has lots of lights, and saucer separation:

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