Monday 4 July 2011

Roberto Orci on the new Star Trek game

Gamepro has posted an interview with Roberto Orci about the forthcoming Star Trek computer game. One of the points emphasised was that the game will be an integral part of the new movie universe, a stepping stone between the two films which will have some degree of payoff if you engage in the entire saga:

One of the things I’m proud of most in the first movie is that one of the ways to look at it is that it’s about Kirk and Spock and when you saw the original show they already knew each other. One of the things we wanted to show was how they met. We felt that our solutions could have worked for the original series. Some people criticized us for the fact that Spock was logical and Kirk was immature, but our response was that you’re meeting them before the original series. In our movie you get to see them grow.

That’s what our movie was about and that’s what the sequel is going to be about. What’s great about the game is that it gets to show that middle step. You get to see Kirk and Spock in a way you’re not going to in the movie. They’re becoming friends; they’re going on adventures you’re not going to see in the movies. The game is giving you new insight into who they are. If you don’t see the movie that’s ok, you’ll still understand, but if you’re true fan of Trek and you play the game you’ll get that amazing middle step.

Orci also talked about how the new creative team are considering this game and other tie-in works, like the comics, to be quasi-canonical:

True fans will tell you that canon is only what’s filmed. I’m not an authority on what is canon. However, I will tell you that this may be the first game that falls within the parameters of the people who are in charge of canon for now; the “supreme court,” as we call ourselves because we are the ones in charge of Star Trek for now. We won’t be in charge forever, but for right now we’re deciding what canon is, so I can tell you this is the first time where the game itself is generated by the people who are deciding canon and we generated the game to fit within canon.

I always loved that Star Trek had a very rich and continuous canon, that’s one of the reasons why Alex and I and Damon and J. J. even though it’s not our responsibility, and we don’t care what we get paid for it, we want to help make the games, the comics; we want consistency. We do it because we love Star Trek.

The interview also discusses expectations for the next film and Orci's interests and approach to working with Star Trek, make your way to Gamepro to find out more.

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