Monday 13 June 2011

Ships of the Line 2012 images, and other Trek calendars

Amazon have updated their Star Trek calendar listings, so you can now see the back-cover of next year's Ships of the Line calendar, giving us a tiny glimpse of the images within:

Amazon do have a front-cover up too, but like previous years it seems to be a stand-in, using one of this year's images. The back-cover hints at what we might see later, with the cover image entitled "Reflections After Probert".

Like this year we get a technical briefing as the centerfold (yay!) featuring Mark Rademaker's Merian class from the Voyager novels, and a new Ambassador class variant, which appears to Tobais Richter's model based on one of Andy Probert's early designs (which you can see more images of at Modelerer Magic). Both of those ships get their own pages too.

Enterprise and DS9 don’t seem to have got a look in this time, neither does the new movie timeline curiously, but TOS and TNG have a good showing as a result. From TOS we get: a TV era shuttlecraft planetscape, the TV era Enterprise entering drydock, Captain Christoper's F-104 and the Enterprise from "Tomorrow is Yesterday", the Enterprise and the Botany Bay ("Space Seed"), several movie-era ships around a spacedock-style starbase in an asteroid field, and two new (to me) movie-eraish starships. While TNG gives us the Enterprise-D in the dyson sphere from "Relics", a shuttle's eye-view of the Enterprise-E, the Enterprise-E and Son'a collector from Insurrection, and a Borg cube attaching another class of ship I'm struggling to recognise!

Amazon also has front and back images up for next year's TOS calendar:

Plus there's the electronic calendar:

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