Sunday 13 March 2011

Prose updates

More news on the books front.

The second Romulan War book appears to have been renamed (the listing on Simon and Schuster's website has been updated); instead of In Shariel's Jaws it will now be titled To Brave the Storm. The Simon and Schuster online catalogue also briefly had a stand-in cover for it, though oddly had put it on the page for the reprint of the first book in the series.

The Simon and Schuster website has also updated the listing for the fourth Starfleet Academy book, which will be titled The Assassination Game, with the author changing from Rick Barba to Alan Gratz.

Looking further ahead in the Trek schedule, according to reports on the TrekBBS David Mack has posted on his facebook page that his next Vanguard novel will be titled Storming Heaven and that he has been contracted to write a TNG trilogy too! David R. George III has also announced on his facebook page that he is set to write two more Star Trek novels as well.

Finally Unreality SF has posted another in depth interview, with Jens Deffner talking to Dayton Ward this time. The article talks at length about the recent Typhon Pact novel Paths of Disharmony, and also previews some forthcoming titles from the author. On the Vanguard anthology Declassified he described his story Almost Tomorrow as an opportunity for him to:

...flesh out a few bits of backstory for some of the series’ characters, and show you the motivations and circumstances that put them where they are when we’re introduced to them in the first Vanguard novel. Savvy readers who’ve been following the stories Kevin and I have written for other Star Trek projects over the years also will recognise elements from one of our earliest works, which fate has now conspired to let us revisit as a very natural outgrowth of the Vanguard series.

He also gave a summary of the other stories in the anthology:

Hard News, is set just a week or so after the events of the third novel, Reap the Whirlwind. It’s a first-person story, told from Tim Pennington’s point of view, with our redeemed journalist on the hunt for a hot new story. Both Marco Palmieri’s and David Mack’s stories, The Ruins of Noble Men and The Stars Look Down, are set after Precipice. Marco’s story focuses on Diego Reyes, and Dave gives us another thrilling adventure with Cervantes Quinn.

And gave us a small glimpse of what to expect in the next Vanguard novel, What Judgements Come:

the “novel will pick up the action at a point after Marco and Dave’s Declassified novellas, which are both set after Precipice”, and that the “the story will unfold in parallel to the events as chronicled in the original Star Trek’s third season. One episode in particular, which just happens to feature as antagonists a certain crystalline alien race around which Vanguard has been revolving since the beginning, will play at least some role in the events of the book."

As ever the article explores all these subjects and much more is greater detail, so go check it out on Unreality SF.

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