Monday 28 February 2011

Infinite Space news

IGN has posted an interview about the forthcoming browser game Infinite Space. Other than refreshing us on the basics (DS9 setting, played through a browser plug-in, out this year, free to play but with options to purchase extra features, etc) the article sheds some light on what the game will be like: All missions will available to play either as a single player or with friends. The game will feature both space-based missions, including exploration, and third person settings on starbases and in ships. There will be a significant element of developing your crew to properly maintain your ships systems. There will be missions for both Federation and Klingon factions, with some element of player vs player also planned.

The article also included some images from the game, here is a sampling:

GameForge has also recently releases a sample of the music to be used in the game:

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