Tuesday 27 April 2010

German updates

German publisher Cross Cult has released a catalogue detailing some of it's forthcoming titles, which includes the launch of several new series for the publisher; starting next year Cross Cult will add Enterprise, TOS and New Frontier novels to their output, starting from the very start with New Frontier (with the first four novellas compiled into two omnibuses), from Last Full Measure with Enterprise, and the Crucible trilogy for TOS.

The catalogue also reveals the first fuzzy-low-resolution images of new covers for Lost Souls and A Stitch in Time.
Thanks to Unreality SF's Jens Deffner for the tip, and also for the following analysis: What's notable in the catalogue is what isn't mentioned; now Cross Cult has exhausted the David Messina Trek back-catalogue they haven’t announced any new comic titles yet, and the New Frontier list seems to have show Cross Cult will be skipping Once Burned and Double or Nothing, the New Frontier entries in the Captain's Table and Double Helix series.

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