Saturday 20 February 2010

Destiny, looking as epic as it should (in German)

Defcon Treklit has posted a draft cover for Cross Cult's German edition of Gods of Night, the first book in the Destiny trilogy:

Now that's more like it! I loved Destiny, but found the covers rather underwhelming for the biggest Star Trek novel event ever! Good job with the epicness Cross Cult!

UPDATE: From the Cross Cult Star Trek facebook group, the artist is Martin Frei.


  1. Dang! Now that's a great cover.

    Least favorite cover of all time? 'Before Dishonor'. Muddled mess.

  2. The German cover for Before Dishonor did a much better job too! :P

  3. While I certainly LOVE the airbrush finish, I'm kind of suprised that I see my own photoshop of Ezri in it, as well as a very cropped version of what I think should be the Aventine? (yikes!):)

    With a bit more tweaking it would have made a nice cover. Keep in mind however that this image of Ezri would never have been approved by CBS as it's not one out of their own "collection". One can dream though. :)

  4. Yeah I assume that's the Aventine (If you squint it could almost as easily be the Enterprise!), I hope they come up with a better version of that bit for final!

    Is the Ezri used in this actually your work Mark, or just very similar?

  5. I dont really mind that this is being used, after all I also just grabbed 2 photos and combined them. Still it would have been nice if they would check the sources of their imagery. :)

    I must also say that the creator of this piece should be working for S&S. :P