Sunday 15 February 2009

DST at US Toy Fair

Action have posted a gallery of photos from this year's Toy Fair in New York, which reveal several new Star Trek products in the works from DST:

In the realm of action figures there are two new waves on way. The second wave of Borg figures is solidifying and will so far contain, Seven of Nine in a silver cat suit, First Contact Locutus, and a Borg Queen.

A new wave of TOS figures (the fifth apparently) will include the Romulan Commander from "Balance of Terror", a Kirk variant based on "The Enemy Within", McCoy in a short sleeved surgeon variant, Nurse Chapel, and the long delayed Salt Vampire (from "The Man Trap")

Additionally there will be a two back based on "The Enterprise Incident" featuring undercover Romulan-guised Kirk, and Spock with a raised eyebrow.

And finally DST have managed to come up with yet another TOS captain's chair variation, with a version featuring mirror Kirk.

Aside from figures DST will be continuing it's line of busts with a Captain Pike one.

And a new prop is on the way in the form of a The Wrath of Khan style communicator.

UPDATE: Toy News International has also now reported from the toy fair, and they revealed an extra product in the works from DST. The next ship! Which will be the Excelsior class Excelsior or Enterprise-B.


  1. when is this planned to be released?! the only available versions of these models were the tacky sticker-clad versions released in the mid 90s, right before the decline of the series. when these are released, I will definately grab the excelsior model

  2. I think late this year was the original (or last updated) plan. Not sure if they're on time though, the Enterprise-D was years in the making...