Tuesday 16 December 2008

More info on Borg figures

Toy News International has released some more details, and higher quality images, of DST's new wave of Borg figures. apparently, while each figure in this wave will come with parts to make the electronic alcove, the whole thing will not be completed until additional parts come out with the future second wave. The report also gives a little blurb for each of the figures:

Borg Drone: The Borg Drone is a bulky zombie-like figure with an ominously vacuous expression. His chassis is more elaborate than the other two, scalloped armor plating overlaps columns of intermingling circuitry; the Borg Drone’s right arm is weaponized; the drone’s face is partially obscured by a mechanical scope, and the back of his skull is festooned with thick black hoses.
Seven of Nine (Borg Form): Seven of Nine’s grimly pallid countenance is moderately contradicted by the voluptuousness with which she occupies her form-fitting sculptured chassis. Her face is partially obscured by a mechanical scope, the back of her skull festooned with thick black hoses.
Assimilated Starfleet Officer: From Star Trek: First Contact.

Seven of Nine (Brown Voyager Uniform): is a Previews exclusive sclupted by Jerry Macaluso. It will also includes a piece of the electronic "Borg Alcove" to build your own figure-sized display!

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