Thursday 6 December 2007

Star Trek: The Tour details

The details for next years US touring exhibition of Star Trekness have finally been announced. Star Trek: The Tour will begin it's five year mission to bring to Trek to the masses across major cities in the States in Long Beach California on January 18th.

It sounds quite a lot like Star Trek: The Adventure, a temporary exhibition in London a few years ago, with many of displays seemingly identical, but with a bit more interactive stuff - it will include displays of models, costumes, props and behind the scene bits and bobs, recreations of TOS and TNG sets including the bridges and Crusher's sickbay and interactive displays and areas, including shuttlecraft flight simulators.

William Shatner will also be making occasional appearances in the tour.

-In addition to standard admission some special packages will be available, you can find out about those, here.
-The press release for the tour can be found, here.
-And details of what's in the exhibitions can be found, here.

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