Monday 12 November 2007

The Menagerie in cinemas from this week

All over the world at various points throughout November special screenings of the digitally remastered version of The Menagerie will be showing in cinemas to promote the forthcoming release of the first season of remastered episodes on HD-DVD.

And it starts this week, here are the dates (country names link to relevant websites for information and booking in that country):

November 13: Screenings in the Canada, Ireland, UK and USA
November 15: Second set of screenings in Canada and the USA
November 16: Screenings in Germany
November 17: Screenings in Austria
November 20: Screenings in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
November 27: Screenings in Australia

Tickets are more expensive than your typical film, some countries seem to be offering discounts if you come in a Starfleet uniform. For the price you get to see The Menagerie in all it high definition glory with shiny new special effects and a half hour introduction and documentary hosted by Rob Roddenberry about the remastering process.

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