Thursday 2 August 2007

Blood Will Tell #4 review

Issue 4 of Klingons: Blood Will Tell is out this week, here’s what I think of it.

This issue is set around the episode "Day of the Dove" and like the first issue of the series set around "Errand of Mercy" I feel it suffered for the constraints put on it by the episode it retells. Where the second and third issues set around "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "A Private Little War" could take a character and really expand it with this issue and the first you have a quite restrictive story which in telling the other side of you don’t get much opportunity to really do a lot different.

That said it was still another superb edition to this consistently brilliant miniseries. As there wasn’t any big background story to explain it’s all just retelling the episode from the Klingons side, which was fun. To stop it being too much of a repeat f the episode the story mostly revolves around a small group of Klingons hunting about on the Enterprise, it works in that you get to see parts of the story not in the episode, I especially liked the scenes where the Klingons got attacked by the plants in the Enterprise’s arboretum, but it also meant the story concluded rather abruptly when (*) (as prose Trek likes to call the Beta XII-A entity) had been figured out by the characters doing their thing in the episode.

Had the TV retelling been all of the comic I don’t think it would work, fortunately the series is pulled together with the movie era story. The final issue is to be all in that era and look forward to seeing how the series concludes, what happens with the movie era characters and how an issue of the series works without a TOS episode to hold it together.

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