Thursday 12 July 2007

Star Trek: The Manga 2 updates

Tokyopop have updates their website with a cover and blurb of their second Star Trek manga volume:

Manga-style art and Star Trek tales collide again in this next volume of TOKYOPOP's voyages of the U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. Once again ten artists and writers from across the artistic spectrum deliver up brand new tales of universal betterment featuring the classic Star Trek line up. In Kakan ni Shinkou, Kirk is put on trial for crimes he has yet to discover... Uhura demonstrates the true power of communication... Bones gets to the core of Vulcan emotion... Scotty has to extract dilithium crystals from a mine in the middle of a war zone... and an alien delegation uses the Enterprise as a vessel of deception!

This new volume of Star Trek: The Manga-- Kakan ni Shinkou features stories by TNG's Wil Wheaton, Diane Duane, Mike Wellman, Paul Benjamin and Christine Boylan as well as art by EJ Su, Don Hudson, Steven Cummings, Bettina Kurkoski and Nam Kim.

The covers note that like the first volume the book will contain a short story from Pocket Books' latest anthology, this time a TNG tale from the anniversary anthology "The Sky's the Limit". This manga book is due in September, and "The Sky's the Limit", which if they follow last years pattern of cross-promotion will include one of the manga stories, is due in October.

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