Sunday 1 April 2007

Battle-damaged starships from DST

Diamond Select Toys have announced battle damaged versions of the Enterprise's 1701 and 1701-E.

The 1701-E will represent damage taken by the vessel in the movie Nemesis, though, unfortunately not so far as the post ramming damage. This is the first reuse of the Enterprise-E mold since it debuted a year or two ago after continued delays to the model which was originally due to come out shortly after Nemesis was released.

Then later this year the Wrath of Kahn battle damaged 1701 will appear. This is no less than the forth release of this ship. The refitted constitution model was first released as the 1701-A, then later as a different battle damaged 1701 with damage details of the Enterprise shortly before it self destructed in The Search For Spock. This year a clean refit 1701 will be available as will this new battle damaged version.

Both are exclusive to New Force Comics in the United States and available through other retailers internationally.

Also coming out this year is an original (pre-refit) 1701.

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